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What are you waiting for? Waiting for the Best affordable VPS reseller hosting platform – if yes, then here I’m with CloudCone one of the most well-known cloud hosting companies and here I’m going to review CloudCone VPS 

What is Cloudcone?

CloudCone is one of the best and fastest Growing cloud hosting companies that provide affordable cloud hosting services for bloggers, entrepreneurs and Startup businesses – Don’t miss CloudCone Black Friday Mega Sale 

They believe that the Services and technology of CloudCone can bring positive change to many starts up, small businesses,  software and applications

CloudCone providing  Dedicated servers, Applications, Software, Private Cloud and fully managed cloud servers for powerful computing and the new  Reseller platform product run-through

They Provide both Software as services (SaaS) and infrastructure as services (LaaS)solutions.

Right now CloudCone multination hosting solution manages and supports 300,000 Cloud deployments over 52 global CDN caching all over them  and claims that Our Reseller platform provide VPS Hosting an affordable price point

And providing the 100% white labeled VPS platform you were looking for. Never worry   about your reseller Business because CloudCone ‘Reseller Platform’ that delivers enterprise-grade hardware, robust features for you and your clients, in-depth graphical statistics, 

About CloudCone

The New VPS Reseller Platform

Recently  Cloud Cone launched   A white-labelled VPS Reseller Platform the accelerate your reseller business where you can buy cloud resources in bulk create as per your need with affordable prices on cloud resources for any small to medium business.

CloudCone new platform will allow your clients customized Whole VPS server, your unique brand name, hostname to domain name and clients also able to style their web  pages as per need without any mentions CloudCone Names

The partner Dashboard also gives wide features for resellers means quick access to advanced statistics, resources, recipe templates, and many other important features

The new Reseller platform unlocks the amazing features, white Labeled VPS Management Platform’ with affordable prices on cloud resources and  WHMCS module (not mandatory and easy to integrated) can be integrated into the platform through our powerful  API of this platform

That’s why CloudCone new VPS Reseller platform is worth it for resellers because new  VPS resellers to a web-development firm, anyone who is looking for end-to-end solution to deploy and manage virtual servers in bulk with a custom brand are welcome to try this platform out.

New VPS Reseller platform Features 

  • Affordable Entry Price Point
  • WHMCS Module Integration
  • 100% white labeled
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Multi-brand Management
  • Powerful JSON API
  • Complete Virtual Server Management
  • Firewall
  • Custom Templates
  • No Limitations On VPS Specification

cloudcone Vps Platform Features

Start main features as reseller revives  the  “ Partner Dashboard”, Power API, WHMCS integrations  Module, all that task can be automated  to take full advantage of this Partner platform

Which are the main features as reseller receives.  Start main features as reseller receives   the “ Partner Dashboard”, Power API, WHMCS integrations  Module, all that  features  can be make  automated  to take full advantage by using this  Partner platform

Automatic – Backup in this affordable price point this feature protects your Client DATA and Reseller also can use the Snapshot feature to convert a pre-configured server with applications into a template. 

End-User VPS management that page will give you to reboot, shutdown, viewing server usage information, and next resetting  root password, etc

Reseller can Customize their Brand using the ‘Header HTML, CSS or JavaScript’ input box. And also customize Brand Name, fonts colour and type, hostname,  as per your requirement

Reseller platform components

  • End-user UI
  • WHMCS integrations compatibility
  • Partner Dashboard

End-user UI

If the Reseller permit it then the clients of reseller able to access some administrative task through the End User  VPS Management Page

The client will able to can take Snapshots, auto-backup and reseller also maintain  a list of server templates

And you can gives your customers custom experience  using End-user UI customization  using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT

If your any question regarding designing the page according to your brand please contact CloudCone Support team.

End-user UI

WHMCS integrations compatibility

The reseller can choose to integrate the WHMCS integration module and the reseller can also choose third party billing software.

WHMCS powerful API module allows to automation of creating, suspending, unsuspending, termination, VPS packages upgrades/downgrades

You can easily Integrate CloudCone’s WHMCS module by following below step-by-step video

WHMCS integrations

Partner Dashboard

The is a fully-fledged Platform for resellers and is fully accessible to all VPS server deployed.

VPS Partner Dashboard is the latest own and multi-management control  panel and this panel is used to deployed and manage orders through the partner Dashboard panel

And it gives the option to create, destroy, rebuild, shutdown, boot, reboot, suspend and unsuspended your client’s virtual servers

If you are having trouble – How to create your partner account- helpdesk article 

cloudcone Partner Dashboard

Is it worth for reseller’s?

New VPS platform is it worth for resellers?  – My opinion for CloudCone new VPS Reseller Platform is it worth it for resellers?  

Yes it is  totally worth for reseller because the new reseller platform comes with a wide set  of features

The next Generations hardware and technology  with affordable price point and one of the best features of CloudCone that resellers will able style web page means fully customize Brand Name without mention  CloudCone name   

So what are you waiting for?  Sing up now and Get 100% white labelled VPS platform

Reseller Advantages Reseller clients Advantages
Partner Dashboard Custom OS templates
‘White Labeled VPSBrandable
WHMCS Integration Scalable VPSs
Fully controllableAcceess Custom OS templates
Affordable Price point

CLoudCone VPS Reseller Platform Pricing 

The Minimum Price of the new VPS Reseller Platform starts from $15/month and if you are  interested  to Buy just follow Beloved simple step – if you’re looking for cheap WordPress hosting India try Hostinger 

Cloudcone VPS Platform Pricing

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